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Andrew RouyaninAustralink Alliance Lawyers & Migration Consultants is a boutique firm offering the local community city firm skill and experience and specialization acquired during nearly 30 years of legal business practice and operation.

Andrew and his wife Olga established Australink Alliance Lawyers & Migration Consultants in Forest Lake Shopping Centre in February 2013. Andrew is an experienced senior legal practitioner and a registered migration agent. Olga is also a solicitor, registered to practice law in Queensland and in Russia.

Australink Alliance Lawyers & Migration Consultants offers to their clients competent experience and skill at an affordable price in the following areas of law:

  • Establishing Family Discretionary Trusts, Unit Trusts and corporate business structures;
  • Acquisition of buying and selling businesses, shopping centres, child care centres and other commercial buildings;
  • Leasing relating to retail shop leasing, commercial leasing and nursing homes and child care centres;
  • Property Law including acquisition of homes, land and subdivision of land and strata titling;
  • Estate and Probate Law, preparing Wills and Testamentary Trusts, TFM claims and contesting the validity of Wills;
  • Immigration Law including business migration applications, special grants for permanent residency, visas, reviews to the Migration Review Tribunal, the Refugee Tribunal and the Federal Court.
  •  All aspects of complex and simple family law matters including Binding Financial Agreements, Matrimonial Property Settlements and Parenting matters.

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