Probate and Deceased Estate & TFM Matters

Forest Lake and Surrounding Areas
Solicitors Specialising in Probate and Administration of Deceased Estate matters who can help you with all matters regarding any problems you may have in respect of the process of applying for Probate and administration of an estate.
  • Application for Probate
  • Disputes of Entitlements under the Will
  • Challenging the validity of a Will
  • Left out of Will? – You may be entitled to claim for entitlement out of the estate
Australink Alliance Lawyers provide professional competent advice with a personalised service at competitive rates.

Australink Alliance Lawyers

Why? – Simply because Australink Alliance Lawyers specialise in migration issues and our senior practitioner has been a member of the Queensland Law Society for nearly 30 years.

Australink Alliance Lawyers will be there to advise and counsel you throughout the migration process.

You can rely upon our assurance that in any work that we do in the course of acting for you in your migration issues, we will provide professional service, professional advice with a personalised service at competitively reasonable rates.