Fiance Visa (Prospective Spouse)

Quite often and Australian citizen or permanent resident wishes to obtain a visa for a person that he or she had met overseas to travel to Australia initially to ensure that their compatible and that the overseas applicant can live and adapt to life in Australia.

In most cases it will attempt to apply for visitors visas are unsuccessful particularly if they are young, women and from designated countries which the Department considers as being high risk overstays.

In such cases it is highly recommended to apply for a fiancé visa as this clearly discloses to the Department the intentions of the applicant and in doing so does not create difficulties at a later stage when applying for permanent residency as the spouse of the Australian citizen or permanent resident.

This Visa allows the applicant (fiancé) to travel to and enter Australia and remain in Australia for a period of 9 months during which time the parties can decide whether they are compatible and that the fiancé can adjust to life in Australia. Within this nine-month period the parties must marry or otherwise the fiance must depart Australia.

With over 25 years experience as a legal practitioner and nearly 20 years experience as registered migration agent Andrew Rouyanian can assist you and your fiance to the preparation and lodgement of are a successful application and can give you advice on any pitfalls that may be relevant to your case. Once again because of the extensive experience of our firm in doing in such cases we can offer you a fixed fee service at a reasonable cost.