Partner Visas

This category Visa is for a person who either has married an Australian citizen or permanent resident all is the de facto relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

In a de facto relationship it is also necessary to establish that the parties that relationship have been living as husband and wife for a period of at least 12 months prior to the date of application. The possibilities to establish a de facto relationship without waking the 12 month period.

A critical aspect of this category of these are is to prove that the relationship is genuine and continuing. For this reason therefore you should engage a confident and competent professional to ensure that your application is processed without any delays.

The definition of it is that the relationship in the migration regulations, persons can apply for a partner this where they are in bold in a same sex relationship. We have substantial experience in assisting persons in a same-sex relationship to lodge successful applications for a partner visa

Andrew Rouyanian who is a migration agent and legal practitioner in practice for over 25 years can make your task to prepare a successful application easy by not only providing you the necessary forms but also guiding and assisting you to prepare supporting documents to ensure that your application is successful and processed without any glitches.

Because of our extensive experience in successfully dealing with not only straightforward applications but also in an complex cases we can in most cases provide a fixed fee service so that you know your commitment without the worry of costs of your representative exceeding your budget.