Law Practice

We are experienced Australian migrating agents who are also legal practitioners and who are familiar with the current law, procedures and can foreshadow changes to the immigration practice. Because of our qualifications and expertise we can properly advise you about your best options for migration to Australia.

There may be other options available to you and although you may think you are limited to one visa option, there may be other alternatives which can be more easily effective to allow you to continue to relocate to Australia.

The principal of the firm is Andrew Rouyanian who is a solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland and the High Court with over 25 years experience in the practice of law. Andrew is also a registered migration agent and has been practising as a migration agent in the area of migration law since his registration as a migration agent in 1993.

Andrew has extensive experience not only as a migration agent but also as a commercial lawyer practicing in the area of business law and litigation.

Andrew has extensive experience in migration law both in Australia and overseas and has worked with clients from the Middle East, Russia, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Andrew is fluent and literary in the Russian language and has a working knowledge of French and Persian languages. Andrew has worked with overseas clients throughout the last 15 years in Moscow, St Petersburg, Eastern Russia as well as extensively in Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Dubai and Teheran in the Middle East.

For over 15 years Andrew has also worked on a pro bono basis as a consultant with the organization presently known as the Refugee and Immigration Legal Service at West End.

Because of Andrew’s extensive experience in working with clients from overseas Andrew sensitive and aware of cultural needs of overseas clients and because of this he is able to understand and provide a valuable competent and professional service to its clients.

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Minister Can Grant PR In Special Circumstances
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